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The Power of Automation

For Any Business

With Real Results.

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Think about things differently

Close your eyes. Picture a football field. Fill it with office desks. Now put laptops on each of those desks. Finally, put a person at each desk, ready to work. 

Now, if you only had to pay each of those people 1p per day, what would you ask them to do? What would have the biggest impact on your business?

That’s what we ask every prospective client when we first sit down with them.

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We help companies work across functional lines to innovate, stay relevant and drive profitable growth

What is Web Automation?

Automation is the future. From self-driving cars to 1000X speed increase on cancer diagnoses, automation is going to change all of our lives for the better.

But, what is ‘Web Automation’ and how can it help you?

Consider the amount of effort spent each day by a team of employees performing repetitive tasks. Any task that you complete in a browser, application or within your operating system can be handled automatically by us. That’s anything, including:

  • Completing online forms and surveys
  • Crawling and scraping content from any website
  • Extracting data from multiple sources and automatically inputting it elsewhere
  • Automatically clicking buttons, images, and responding to dynamic content on a page

Web Automation in the wild

  • LinkedIn Outreach – A common use for the automation of web activity is for LinkedIn sales, automatically connecting, messaging and replying to prospective customers.
  • Technographics – To build a picture of what technologies a website is using
  • Web Automation can be used to crawl the content of millions of websites and understand exactly which websites are built on what technologies. This data is invaluable to technology companies.
  • Outbound Sales – Imagine having a list of all of your prospective customers websites and being able to automatically fill out their contact forms. Thousands of messages sent, in minutes.
  • Price monitoring – Track the price of a single item across thousands of websites in realtime, or mine an entire competitors website and be instantly informed when a price or description changes.
  • Competitor Analysis – Wouldn’t it be useful to know exactly when your competitor closes a new deal?

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What do we do?

We automate the collection & analysis of market critical data from all over the world and deliver it into your business for maximum impact. What does that mean in the real world? Imagine you had 10,000 employees, all with laptops and waiting for your instructions… what would you ask them to do? What should they go and find?

We help companies all over the world increase their revenue and deepen their market insight by building tools to gather data that’s meaningful to them. We then automate the process, injecting this intelligence directly into where the business needs it most.

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Some of our clients include..

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world biogas association

Why Web Automation?

We know our clients come to us for solving specific problems and pain points. In the process of offering unique business solutions based on our technology expertise, we digitally transform the way our clients do business.

Work At Scale

With web automation, our main aim is to make your business more efficient whilst keeping costs to a minimum.

Save Time

Alongside saving money, you are no longer reliant on human speed to complete certain jobs. For some business functions technology is a lot more effective.

Technologies Used

We combine our own custom-built technologies with the industries best automation software to provide our clients with the ideal solution.

web automation process

Case Study :

Guardian logo
The Brief

In order to extend their revenue opportunities, The Guardian partner with hundreds of websites in order to monetize their audience “off-site”. However, it is imperative that these websites adhere to strict advertising guidelines.

The Work

To ensure that each one of their partners remained within their guidelines, The Guardian would have to check each site every day, looking for a particular text file that dictated who could and couldn’t advertise. It was imperative that this file was kept up to date and so The Guardian would use a significant human resource to check these sites daily. We took full details of these steps and completely automated the process, providing a daily report and stats on each site.

The Result

We saved The Guardian over 200 working-hours per month, time that was much better spent running their business.

Hear what our customers have to say

The nature of our work means we have to reference and reconcile thousands of different data points a day.

We rely on to help us understand better and quicker ways to achieve the same result with far less effort and expenditure.


Gary Calladine

COO – Actionz

The team at are breath of fresh air.

In our first conversation we honestly had no idea how they could help us, but knew they probably could.

They spent time to go over other projects they’d completed and breaking down the methods so we could understand what was happening and armed with that knowledge we were instantly able to spot 3 or 4 big wins for us.

I would recommend working with, even if you’re not sure how they could help. The first conversation is a real eye-opener.


Richard Cook

Founder – The Trade House

Our business is often tied up with a lot of processes that (we thought) needed to be handled by staff.

We approached you guys to take a look at how you could apply your experience to our issues.

Not only did you replace what we were doing with a slick digital process, you managed to complete those daily tasks in 1% of the time and that’s allowed my team to focus on the aspects of their job that they’re better suited to.


Resh Rhoad

Entrepreneur and Investor

What Next?


First things first, if you are interested in having a talk around your current business issues, fill out the contact form. From here we can have a quick 20-minute conference call to go over your ideas and current pain points. From this, you will be able to think about things clearer and get some idea of what we can do for you. 


Next we will have a more formal chat where we have some idea of what you are after, this will lead us on to what the project will actually be. We will discuss the main aims of carrying out web automation for your business. 


A lovely PDF proposal will then arrive in your inbox, with project aims, costings, and a timeframe. From here you decide if we go ahead.


Once we get started you will be assigned a project manager who will deliver your web automation project and help to integrate with your business.


If you would like to get an idea of costs please get in touch.

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Who are is a trading name of Red Volcano. So what is Red Volcano? We are a data mining and automation company. We work B2B and help companies to understand how the power of cloud processing and automation can solve their business challenges and open them up to new market possibilities.