Shin of beef with ginger, carrot and cabbage
Oven-fried chilli chicken
Stir-fried chilli pork
Paul’s mum’s ginger biscuits
Turkey, stuffing and cranberry Chelsea buns
Chorizo and couscous stuffed marrow
Chicken kiev
Chickpea curry
Coq au vin
Cream roasted swede soup
Chocolate marshmallow teacakes
Potato wedges with rosemary
Rhubarb crumble and cream
Crab linguine
Squash and turkey bake
Perfect cauliflower cheese with bacon and mushrooms
Spiced whole orange cake with orange mascarpone icing
Roast cod with a lemon, garlic and parsley crust
Raymond Blanc's basic chocolate mousse
Rich beef and mushroom stew
Super-rich chocolate ice cream
Sausage and chorizo goulash
Treacle-cured beef with Yorkshire puddings and roast potatoes
BBQ sauce
No-churn ice cream
Masala-marinated chicken with minted yoghurt sauce
Spiced soy roast chicken
Lemon drizzle muffins
Carrot cake with cream cheese icing
Simple Thai noodle soup
Viennese gulasch
Chocolate fudge cake
Raised game pie
Buckwheat pancakes with smoked salmon and citrus cream cheese
Roast turkey crown
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